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The best sauce you'll ever taste! This is a big deal. We have created a modern version of the traditional Chilean hot sauce adapted to the North American market.   Get sauced for only $5

The best sauce you'll ever taste


We grew up on chilean hot sauce, we know how good that stuff is and we wanted to make our own version to share with the world.

Batch after batch, we tested and tasted until we got it, until we got the exact mix we were after, the perfect balance between taste and heat.

Now, we're ready to share Oro Rojo with the world. We want a bottle of our hot sauce on every table at every party, every dinner, every get together.

We want Oro Rojo not only to be part of your best moments, your best stories but also make them better, Oro Rojo will be the sauce of your life.


- The Fuenz Brothers